Psyched by MG

Welcome to my podcast ‘Psyched by Mg’.


I am Marigrace Randazzo-Ratliff, or Mg for short.


I have been a psychotherapist in private practice for 32 years now. Watching and guiding people through all kinds of issues: Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorders, Parenting issues, Addictions, Etc.


The hardest thing to watch is how people treat themselves when their issues show up. Guess what everyone . . . . we all have issues! They help us grow! And some of the ways we respond to them are funny. So it’s time to lighten up and move forward.


Let’s stop letting our crap control us and take control of our crap!


This podcast will teach you to fall in love with your sh*t! Once you stop feeling guilty and look at your problems with compassion and maybe some laughter, those problems will improve much quicker.


So . . . this podcast will: make you laugh, provide expert advice from special guests, give you insights into what leads you to be stuck in your own problem, and cover a wide range of psychological topics.


I hope you will listen in and enjoy the ride with me.


This is Mg and let’s get psyched!

Psyched By MG – Episode 24 Empaths: The Gifts and Struggles of Their Sensitivity

Being empathic has its ups and downs. Our sensitivity can often be of aid to others but it also affects us, so this week we talk about what that’s like and how to cope. Psyched by Mg: | Dave Wright:

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Psyched by MG – Episode 23 Roommate Conflicts and How to Resolve Them

In this episode of Psyched by Mg, we talk about the different kinds of roommates, the different problems that arise, and how to confront them to find a solution. Whether financial or personal, any disagreements in your home can be difficult, so it’s important to know how to resolve them. Psyched by Mg:…

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Psyched By MG – Episode 22 Hookup Culture with Lisa Bunnage: how it affects single teens and adults

From her well-known Ted Talk about Hookup Culture and her parenting coaching Brat Busters, Lisa Bunnage joins the show this week to discuss how the current trend of hooking up affects single teens and adults as well as parents. For more Psyched by Mg: | For more Dave Wright:…

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Psyched by MG – Episode 21 Emotionally Irresponsible People and How They Affect Us

This week we discuss emotional irresponsibility, which is when the choices of loved ones don’t on hurt themselves but hurt us as well. It can be hard to watch and hard to cope with, so we dive into it to provide a better understanding. Psyched by Mg: | Dave Wright:…

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Psyched By MG – Episode 20 Exploring The Aspects of Denial

In this episode, we answer the questions of what denial is, why it starts, and how to deal with it with David, Barbara, and Mg. Psyched by Mg: | Dave Wright:

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Psyched By MG – Episode 19 Parents and COVID Stress: Should they send their kids back to school?

On this episode of Psyched by Mg, we discussed the COVID-19 stress all parents are currently dealing with: sending their kids back to school. Considering statistics and news articles, we give our take on sending our students back to school or keeping them home. Psyched by Mg: | Dave Wright: Home…

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Psyched By MG – Episode 18 Getting to Know Us Part II: Sharing Our Inspirational Stories

In this episode, Marigrace, David, Barbara, and Matthew share personal stories that brought them to where they are today. Talking about humble beginnings and overcoming obstacles, they all explain how they arrived at a place of passion for inspiring others. Dave Wright: Home – David R. Wright | Psyched by Mg:…

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Psyched By MG – Episode 17 Wrapping Up on Racism

We discuss how we felt confronting racism in our last two episodes, and we shared our own anecdotes when, as white people, we began to understand the reality of racism and oppression

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Psyched By MG – Episode 16 Getting Real about Racism: Part II

In this episode, we are continuing our conversation from last Friday to expand on the important holiday “Juneteenth.” We discuss its significance and place within the Black community. We also further discuss Black Lives Matter and how to help as a member of the white community. Psyched by Mg: | Dave Wright:…

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Psyched By MG – Episode 15 Getting Real About Racism

Special Guest Barbra Mhangami-Writer, Activist,Joins Psyched by Mg To Talk Bluntly and Real About Racism. We Identify Guidelines To Talk Openly About What Is Hard To Address With Racism. Home – David R. Wright

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