Podcasting For Businesses

Why a Business Podcast?

Podcasting is a big part of the digital media world and businesses are starting to take notice. Here’s why your company should start a podcast.

  1. Cost

    Did you really just spend $30,000 on that (magazine/newspaper) ad? Did you really just spend $10,000 on a month’s worth of radio spots? Well, producing a podcast is a tiny fraction of that.

  2. Consumable

    The podcast you produce can be listened to anytime, from any device. Morning car drive? Jogging? During dinner? Before bed? While doing spreadsheets? That’s the beauty of a podcast, your users can listen to your content on their terms anytime from anywhere. How beautiful is that?

  3. Sticky

    Unlike other forms of media, your produced podcasts do not vanish. They are in the archives for as long as you wish. Want to bring up a topic from 6-months ago? Send the link. Since there isn’t any monthly costs to having your podcast out in the World, it can stay literally forever.

  4. Branding

    Podcasting to us is simply another avenue to build and extend your brand. Keep doing what you are doing from a marketing and advertising standpoint, but look to the podcast to educate your consumer. Don’t treat it like an infomercial, but more a way to build loyalty.

  5. Engagement

    What a better way to engage with your customer that to be able to have a one-to-many conversation with them that isn’t canned or a crummy commercial. Using social media as an extension of the podcast to engage on another level that you didn’t think was possible.

  6. Agility

    Want to get your message out? It can literally be done in hours. Think about other forms of media, whether it is radio, video, print, etc. Podcasting by far is the shortest and quickest way to get your message out to the masses.

  7. Ease

    For our business clients, we take care of everything with our “white glove” approach.  An engineer, basic editing of the show, normalizing all of the sound volumes so that everyone sounds their best, and then delivery of the file.  We create a feed so that your show is uniquely identifiable and can be found on iTunes and all of the other syndication points that we use.  You simply have to show up and we’ll take care of the rest.

Professional Services

If you need more than just podcast recording, here are the other services we can help you with.

Audio Editing

Maybe you’re looking for a more polished sound with your recordings. Or maybe you want to record a couple hours of possible content and narrow it down to a more focused episode when released. Either way, we can handle that for you.


Going hand in hand with the above, the editing process can be pretty intensive time-wise, and so a way to help that is by getting a transcript of your recording and using that for markup purposes for our editors. Also a handy tool for show notes, you can use a transcript of your show along with your finished episode, which is also great for search engine optimization.

White Label Sessions

Shows that record in our studios are typically released through our network. RSS creation, publishing, syndication, etc., are all a part of what we do for them… but maybe you’re a company that only wants to release things internally. Or maybe you’re coming in from out of town and just need a place to record while you’re here, and don’t need us to do anything other than be a recording space. Voiceover talents have been using this option more and more for their work as we’ve expanded operations.

Video Production

Our video studio can meet nearly any requirement you might have. Whether it’s you sitting alone at a desk with a specific backdrop, or a more relaxed feel with a few people sitting on a couple couches, or maybe even a classic talk show look with you behind a desk and your guests in chairs or on a couch next to you, we have multiple options, configurations, green screens, and backdrops available.

Photo Shoots

In addition to handling video, our video studio has been used by photographers around the area to meet their needs for shoots with models and products, as well as being used by our shows for their own purposes. With multiple backdrops and all the lighting you could even hope for, this is a simple and easy option for photographers in the area.

Remote Recording / Broadcasting

Podcasting can be a little like being in a band sometimes—you can be in the studios and releasing recordings forever, but sometimes you just need to get out in front of people and build a more personal connection. With multiple sets of remote gear, we can handle just about any venue or environment in which you’d like to be – from an eight person setup with backdrops and speakers to fill a room down to single handheld units (with our without additional microphones), we can meet just about any need you have.

Podcast Pavilion

More and more, we’re finding that venues with planned events are looking to enable podcasters—which is great—but they’re not quite sure how to do so effectively, and without dealing with multiple setups, everyone bringing their own various kinds of equipment, and an immense amount of chaos. We can provide a solution for that, too. Podcast Detroit can come out with a generically branded pavilion setup with gear to meet the needs of both the podcasters and the venue. We can bring out speakers or hook into existing PA equipment. We can enable solo setups to eight microphones and even video.

Pro Launch Kit

The hardest part about podcasting is getting started. Companies and people alike agonize over topics, flow, direction, recording cadence, and just about every decision point along the way.

We’ve helped more than 100 shows find their voice over the past few years, and we can take all of those lessons learned and apply them on your behalf. We’ll start things off by sitting down with you to nail down your goals, help you shape your content, and most importantly—get you launched. Your introductory “episode 0” and first four hours of recording time are included with this package, and we have yet to not get a client up and running solidly.

Consulting Services

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Whether it’s about marketing and branding, or promotional events, or even the operational aspects of your show, we have a team of people available and ready to handle whatever questions you might have and get you where you want to be.

Studio Design and Build

We’ve built out nine studios so far in multiple locations, and have others in the works. Why not rely on our experience to make sure that you’re not building an echo chamber or even worse, buying the wrong gear for the room you’re looking to use? There are a ridiculous number of variables when it comes to studio sound, and sure, you can spend the time to figure things out on your own—or the money to fix mistakes made along the way like we did when we were getting started—but wouldn’t it be nice to have someone around who’s been there, done that, and has the results to show?

Best of all, once your studio is built, instead of training staff and dealing with the resulting files and storage requirements yourself, we can integrate your new studio into our existing and proven back-end processes to handle editing, as well as syndication and distribution of shows recorded there.

Marketing Services

We can connect you with a local marketing firm to help you come up with logos, graphics, marketing materials, and swag.

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