Booking Pop Culture – Episode 33 – Under A Vibranium Moon!!

Booking Pop Culture – Episode 33 – Under a Vibranium Moon!! We all saw Black Panther and can’t wait to talk about this amazing flick! We do some deep dives into the world of Marvel and DC, and touch on some of our favorite topics… Clean out your ear holes and enjoy!!

– We run down the amazing cast and director of Black Panther.
– Who said Stallone first?!?
– When do we see Doom and a good Fantastic Four flick?
– It’s 2018 and you better not say that!
– Comparing Jokers
– The Joe Coleman Challenge is extended to Comcast and the entire NBA!
– Meteorites and a vibranium moon!
– Duane Johnson and Terry Crews should be in every Marvel movie!
– Sangomas and Shamans; Puling comic fiction from the facts.
– The Marvel swimsuit calendar?!?!?
– What’s the deal with the Amazing Spider-Man series?!?
– Cruisin’ The Bario and Cinco De Bario!!
– Oprah’s Army, NASCAR Dads, and Juggalos!!
– Where exactly is Wakanda?!?

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