Booking Pop Culture – Episode 30 – A Midsummer Star Wars Dream!!

Booking Pop Culture – Episode 30 – A Midsummer Star Wars Dream!! Folks… have you ever tried to get a group of Star Wars dorks in a room, specifically an echo filled hockey rink locker room, and recorded a podcast?!? Well, that’s what this is.. We recorded this podcast in July at the Michigan Comic Book and Wrestling Expo, and had a great conversation regarding the state of Star Wars at the midpoint of the year, just filled with all types of audio related nightmares! Well, here we are, the week Star Wars – The Last Jedi opens and finally the audio has been cleaned up, and we’re ready to drop some knowledge on a galaxy far, far away…

– No spoilers in this podcast, but who’s chasing them down?
– Who is Snoke, and how tall is he really?
– What kind of game does Obi-Wan have?
– Will Last Jedi have a Rocky training montage?!
– Director change for Solo, but do we really want this movie?
– Theories on the least favorite Gungan.
– Weird.. In July, there wasn’t talk of Disney buying up Fox and leaving Netflix.
– Star Wars legend and new cannon, with a shout out to Star Wars Theory!
– What are all these kids doing at my Star Wars hotel?!
– Going broke watching and collecting all things Star Wars!

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