Behind The Bar With ZIMS Vodka -Trailer – Episode 0

“Behind the Bar” has one purpose.
To highlight and promote restaurants, hotels, country clubs and bars that stock and serve ZIM’S Vodka emphasizing the podcast is about them and their business, not ZIM’S Vodka. We just happen to be the brand behind promoting this and doing so with determination, passion and enthusiasm.

We want to hear the stories of how business owners and management were inspired to start their business, how they prepared, how they began, how they succeeded and how they
continue to succeed and stay relevant in a very tough business.

Each week, we want to have someone tell “their story” because everybody has a story. We believe people want to hear these stories and using a podcast can be an instrumental piece to someone’s overall marketing strategy. Good storytelling of a business inspires people to want to dine at or buy something from someone’s
And what’s in it for ZIM’S Vodka?
It’s simply a way to expand our reach, to underscore and strengthen our relationship with clients and to promote their business to an audience that is interested in experiencing quality restaurants and all they have to offer.