Top 10 Hypnosis Books

Top 10 Hypnosis Books, Show Notes In this episode of the Motor City Hypnotist Podcast, we are going to talk about my top 10 Hypnosis Books And I’m also going to be giving listeners a FREE HYPNOSIS GUIDE! Stay tuned! INTRODUCTION What is up people? The Motor City Hypnotist Podcast is here in the Podcast Detroit Northville Studios. Thank you for joining me on this episode of the Motor City Hypnotist Podcast. I am David Wright and with me is my producer Matt Fox. FIND ME: My Website: My social media links: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: Instagram: motorcityhypno If you would like to contribute financially to the show, you can find me on Patreon: FREE HYPNOSIS GUIDE Please also subscribe to the show and leave a review. (Stay with me as later in the podcast, I’ll be giving away a free gift to all listeners!) WINNER OF THE WEEK; Naoto Matsumura and Sakae Kato Top 10 Hypnosis Books 1. Innovative Hypnotherapy, Milton Erickson a. Volume IV presents Erickson’s unique approaches through hypnosis to a wide variety of symptom resolutions in patients. Sections included are on: Indirect Approaches to Symptom Resolution, Utilization Approaches, Hypnotherapeutic Approaches to Pain, Rehabilitation, Sexual Problems, Psychotics, Facilitating Unconscious Processes and Objective Thinking and Facilitating New Identity. 2. The Seven Most Effective Methods of Self-Hypnosis: How To Create Rapid Change In Your Health, Wealth, and Habits, Richard Nongard a. There is no simpler way to make significant changes in your life than by learning self-hypnosis. Almost every leading book on personal development, from Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich, to Tony Robbins book Awaken the Giant Within stress the value of self-hypnosis. This book reveals the most effective methods behind that advice and tells you exactly how you can maximize your success easily by mastering self-hypnosis and autosuggestion in one of seven different ways. 3. Selling Hypnotically: The Art Of Suggestion, Richard Barker a. There is nobody in the world today using the Power of Suggestion through hypnotic selling quite the way Barker has mastered it. He’s been featured on NBC’s “Today Show,” CBS’s “The Late Late Show with James Corden” and countless other TV programs demonstrating his hypnosis abilities to rid people of their bad habits and phobias. The power of suggestion and using hypnosis to get suggestions inside someone’s mind can be an extremely efficient method to help someone make decisions. Many marketing techniques are based on the power of suggestion, 4. The Art of Hypnosos: Mastering Basic Techniques a. The Art of Hypnosis is a highly-informative and scientific text about hypnotherapy which is gaining increased recognition daily, and is of personal value to everyone. This well-written, easy to read and understand volume, even for the novice gives in-depth and practical information on how to achieve maximum results in a hypnotic session by properly phrasing the suggestions and by using various techniques to determine which approach is best for each individual client. 5. Richard Bandler’s Guide To Trance-formation: How To Harness The Power of Hypnosis to Ignite Effortless and Lasting Change a. More than thirty years ago, Richard Bandler set out to discover how some therapists effected startling change with their clients, while others argued about theories while their patients waited in vain for help. Now widely regarded as the world’s greatest hypnotist and one of the most brilliant minds in the field of personal change, Richard Bandler created patterns that bec 6. Get The Life You Want: The Secrets to Quick and Lasting Life Change with Neuro-Linguistic Programming. a. When people and therapists alike have a problem they can’t fix, they call Richard Bandler because he delivers–often with miraculous results. Hailed as one of the greatest geniuses in the field of personal change, and the father of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Richard Bandler has helped tens of thousands of people around the globe rid themselves of ‘incurable’ phobias, fears, anxieties, addictions, negative habits, and past traumas–often in a single session. 7. Integrative Hypnosis: A Comprehensive Course In Change a. Winner of the prestigious I.M.D.H.A Pen and Quill Award for 2011 This book will change your mind, your practice and your clients. Melissa Tiers has mastered the art of making the complicated simple, the magical practical and learning delightful. Drawing directly from her dynamic live teaching sessions, A Comprehensive Course in Change takes you on an inspirational and practical journey through the most powerful change techniques, combining: Classical and Ericksonian hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive, Behavioral and Energy Psychology. The latest research in neuroscience, mind/body medicine and unconscious processing is integrated to guide you and your clients through real life changes on multiple levels. Containing demonstrations, metaphors and hypnotic language patterns, this single, simple, easy-to-follow book brings to life Melissa’s exciting and infectious teaching approach. A must read for anyone in the fields of mental health, hypnosis, coaching, and alternative healing. 8. How To Master Self-Hypnosis in a Weekend: The Simple, Systematic and Successful Way To Get Everything You Want. Rick Smith a. As you’ve been hypnotized about many things, so are the people around you. Those who are telling you something is not possible (for you) have been hypnotized to believe that. Learn from this book how to deconstruct self doubting thoughts others may have planted in your mind and how to master self hypnosis 9. Simple Self Healing: The Magic of Autosuggestion: Emile Coue a. French psychologist Émile Coué was one of the more underappreciated geniuses of 20th century medicine. Almost a hundred years ago, Coué’s popular self-healing method – which he called autosuggestion – helped cure thousands of people annually. Today, however, few people have ever even heard of him.This book introduces you to Coué’s overlooked formula, and will surprise you in the process. If you grasp the simplicity of autosuggestion, you’ll be able to use this wonderful tool as you wish – and it should help make your life “better and better.” 10. The World’s Greatest Hypnotists; John C. Hughes a. Today, hypnotism is recognized as an effective therapeutic tool and its importance is growing. This book shows how hypnotism reached its present status of acceptance, through two centuries of pioneering effort by several fascinating personalities. Special emphasis is placed on the life and work of Dr. Milton H. Erickson, the foremost mid-20th century exponent of hypnotism and the acknowledged father of modern hypnotherapy. This is the first book to provide a thorough narrative and biographical account of hypnotism’s progress from 1775 to the present day. In addition to the history of hypnotism from its shamanistic origins to the modern clinical applications of today, this book looks forward to still greater advances in the use of hypnosis for the relieving and blocking of pain, and in enhancing the human immune system. NEXT EPISODE: This Time It Can Be Different Change your thinking, change your life! Laugh hard, run fast, be kind. David R. Wright MA, LPC, CHT The Motor City Hypnotist