The Sneaker Box – Episode 79 Slam Jam X Nike Dunk

In this episode of TSB, Caesar, Geeno, and Dunks are in-studio. Guru does call in later in the show.  Things start of pretty tense after Caesar relays a message from Mayor to Dunks about his comments from a few episodes ago pertaining to Mayor selling off his collection. Does any brand do a worse job of telling their own story than Jordan Brand? There’s been a recent rise of people creating their own Air Jordan 1s, and Nike Dunks, calling them “Bespokes”. We used to call them fakes. Has public perception changed because of the limited availability of certain releases? And if so, are the brands creating a monster that they’ll soon have to reckon with? In response to the Travis Scott X McDonald’s collab, Caesar conjurs up his vision of a sneaker collaboration with Burger King.  The GOAT App, owned by the Goat Group, is being sued by Goat Fashion for reneging on their deal back in 2017, which allowed the Goat Group to trademark their app only as long as they didn’t try to create and sell apparel. Care to guess what happened next? Guru calls in live from Aquaman’s basement.  Why do brand’s listen exclusively to Matt Powell’s opinion? @ISellSneakersNotDreams calls in to chat with us, including giving her thoughts to upcoming releases such as the Union X Air Jordan 4. Going back to GOAT, the Goat Group raised $1 million in series E funding recently. Unfortunately, a lot of that was predicated on their ability to release apparel. We’ll see how this lawsuit by Goat Fashion affects that investment.  And finally, Caesar reveals the true reason why he doesn’t like McDonald’s.