The Sneaker Box – Episode 62 The Nike Kobe 5 Protro “Big Stage”

In this episode of TSB, Caesar, Guru, Geeno, Dunks, and Sarena are in-studio We take time at the beginning of the show to talk about the life and legacy of Kobe Bryant. From his game to his sneakers, be definitely made an impact. We reached out to Jaysse Lopez, owner of Urban Necessities, over his stance concerning the resell communities actions in to aftermath of Kobe’s death. Of course we give our two cents. But tune in to next week’s when we’ll have him on to discuss what moved to him to take a stand. The Pensole Academy is partnering with HBCUs to give people of color a bridge into the sneaker industry, while simultaneously creating a diverse pool of talent. Thank you Mr. Edwards. Foot Locker is creating a new platform….. Well, kind of, but not really. Foot Locker promises that this new platform will be bigger, stronger, faster, better, and borderline sexier than their current app. We’re paraphrasing on a few of those points, but you get the picture. We almost made it an entire episode without Caesar getting pissed off by something. That is, until Dunks brings up the tweet about Kobe Bryant by Jon Wexler’s wife. There goes our Adidas invite… And finally, we talk to Jacques Slade to get a sense of the overall reactions in LA to Kobe Bryant’s untimely death. After giving Caesar shit, he delivers a beautiful speech to end the show.