The Sneaker Box – Episode 38 The Air Jordan Retro 8 GS “White Aqua”

n this episode of TSB, it’s the skeleton crew, with Caesar, Geeno, and special guest Sarena in studio.

Francis somehow becomes a guest on his own show, calling us live from London on a top secret mission. Francis, who’s Puerto Rican, has somehow convinced everyone in the UK that’s he’s French.

A lot of people took issue with Jordan Brand’s use of the “Space Jam” theme on the 11 Low IE. Aesthetics aside, is that enough reason to not buy the shoe?

Sotheby’s is getting into the sneaker market, partnering with Stadium Goods to auction off 100 of the “rarest” sneakers available today. But there’s “rare” and then there’s “Sotheby’s rare”, and we’re not sure some of the shoes warrant the latter. Especially for some of the prices they’re hoping they sell for. But with all of these outside entities wanting in on sneakers now that they see the financial value, does that further bastardize the culture as we know it?

It might be a little early in the year, but LeBron was in the Christmas spirit, gifting his No. 23 to new teammate Anthony Davis. That is, until Nike–playing the role of the Grinch–nixed that act of goodwill citing 10 million reasons why. This is a perfect example of why you should just buy people gift cards instead of actual gifts.

After kicking up all that dust last week concerning Nike’s cancelation of the ‘Betsy Ross’ Air Max 1, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey “Michael Jackson moonwalked” his words back, doing a complete about face on the issue and welcoming Nike to the state. He literally went from “Bad” to “I Want You Back” in a span of 6 days. It’s not that the decision he ultimately came to was the wrong one, it’s just the hypocrisy and moral ambiguity he displayed to reach the decision.

And finally, in this week’s top story, Adidas continues to show how obtuse they are when it comes to their minority employees. One would think that after the l negative PR they’ve received this year that they would take a good hard look at themselves as a brand to see what they’re doing wrong. Not Adidas. Not only are they NOT taking an introspective look at their Portland HQ, but they’re congratulating themselves on a job well done this week by hosting a celebration at Adidas Village.

This is the sneaker equivalent of George Bush’s infamous “Mission Accomplished” celebration on the aircraft carrier. Many other minorities, including Asians and LGBTQ employees, added their own personal stories to the ones we’ve heard to shine more light on the issues that plague Adidas Village. It’s gotten so bad that not only are minority employees planning to boycott Adidas’ celebration, but some have even reached out to outside counsel for legal help. Maybe Adidas should change their moniker from “the brand with 3 Stripes” to “the brand with 3 Strikes”.