The Sneaker Box – Episode 35 The Air Jordan Retro 14 “Reverse Ferrari”

In this episode of TSB, Caesar, Geeno, and JumpmanBostic are in studio.

JB cryptically updates everyone on his sponsorship situation with a certain sneaker cleaning brand.

After getting through their “Fab 5” for the week, attention turns back to JB who’s been the target of Caesar’s photoshop lately, creating his alter ego “BoostmanBostic”. Adding fuel to the fire, JB goes on to list the sneakers that he’d NEVER wear. Stay tuned…….

You won’t believe which sneakers are resold the most on the resell market according to each state. Yahoo! Finance and the Goat Group team up to provide answers.

Caesar tells an embarrassing story involving him at a suburban pool party over the weekend.

Shaq wants to save Reebok from Adidas. And collectively, the sneaker community as a whole is rooting for him.

Adidas just lost a trademark battle over in the European Union over their 3 Stripes logo. Call it redundant, but Adidas wanted to trademark the stripes going in multiple directions on both apparel and shoes. Wonder how long it will take brands to pettily incorporate 3 straight stripes into their products in order to test this ruling?

And finally, the crew dives deep into the recent New York Times exposé that details the inner workings at Adidas, where black employees claim that the brand loves using black celebrities to sell product but that love doesn’t extend to employees if color at their North America HQ. From racial slurs, to insensitive marketing campaigns, to stereotypes and discrimination, this report by the New York Times doesn’t paint a pretty picture of racial diversity at the Adidas Village.