The Sneaker Box – Episode 32

In this episode of TSB, it’s just Geeno and Caesar in studio.

Caesar fills everyone in on his harrowing ordeal with this cell phone over the past weekend.

There are a LOT of shoes coming out soon, including an Air Jordan 3 “Animal” Pack. This prompts Caesar and Geeno into laughing at how people photoshopped renditions of what they expect the shoes to look like that end up looking nothing like they thought they would.

Master P tries to woo Zion Williamson with a $20 million shoe deal, where he’d get paid to wear his shoes off the court. The cherry on top? Zion would also star alongside Master P and Romeo in “I Got The Hook Up 3”.

Don’t call it a comeback, yet. Wall Street is tempering it’s collective excitement in the hopes that Under Armour continues to make it arduous climb back towards relevancy.

This has been a great week for sponsorships. Flight Club is sponsoring Bronny James’ Blue Chips team and Jordan Brand signed their female endorsees since 2011. So there’s still hope for us and our show. And day now…..

Caesar goes in depth into how fakes have become a bigger problem than we all realized they were, with Instagram, of all places, has become the biggest platform in which fakes are pushed online.

MJO23DAN and Geeno agree on a premise that drives Caesar mad.

And in This Week In Stupid, a guy in Virginia robs a store stealing only the right shoes from off the display wall, along with the entire cash register and an ironic sweatshirt that may come into play where he’s headed.