The Rise of Data Science & Making Job Retraining Work

What are we going to do when machines can do our jobs more efficiently, cheaper, and make our jobs redundant?

There is no denying that we are living in a world of automation and the exponential growth and value of data. While some may argue that automation, AI, Machine Learning and many other technology innovations will ring the death knell for many jobs, our guest, Dr. Angel Durr sees a way to keep the workforce relevant and employable through Data Science.

After earning her PhD at the University of North Texas, Dr. Durr quickly saw the gap and potential for a new generation of Data Scientists. The result is the only nonprofit organization in the U.S. that focuses on a life cycle approach to providing data science support: DataReady DFW.  The mission of DataReady is to expand data and data science knowledge among DFW area residents, especially minorities, women, and low-income individuals and eventually spread to cities globally. Her program is making waves and helping those who would normally be left behind, to carve their own path to answer the high demand need for Data Scientists.


4:20        Introductions

5:40        Dr. Durr’s Political Science and transition into Data Science

8:05        Data Science’s influence on politics and considerations around ethics

9:40        Two sides of ethics: Presention of Data vs. How the Data is Being Used

10:17     Can data be pure? Or is there always bias?

11:24     Statistics without context is meaningless

12:23     Data used in Marketing to prime consumers for a product/solution, not just recognizing customer preference

14:41     Definition of Data Science

17:37     Future of Data will be simplified with easier platforms

18:20     Will Data Scientists become obsolete as AI becomes more sophisticated?

20:47     What is DataReady DFW?

21:00     The two areas of focus: At Risk Communities and K-12 education

24:47     The many different Data Science Disciplines examples: Data Visualization, Data Mining, Data Governance, Data Integrity, Data Analytics

25:45     DataReady DFW Partnerships with Dallas ISD and Girls Scout of North Texas

27:24     Jobs will go away with automation, but DataReady DFW is preparing to train the underprivileged for a skillset that will survive automation

28:11     Dr. Durr’s consulting and strategy conversations with businesses, particularly around CRMs

30:37     Biggest challenge is the financials to meet the demand on how to fund the efforts through partnering with both profits and non-profits

33:33     The great potential for corporations to leverage DataReady DFW for projects and in return, giving the students real world experience

35:37     Calling all recruiters to partner with DataReady DFW students as compelling Data Scientists into the city

37:03     Dr. Durr shares that although she is dyslexic and disgraphic, anyone who has an interest and abstract thinking skills can be a Data Scientist

40:13     Why are Data Scientists not IT?

41:33     Should Data Science fall under the Business and not CTO/CIO organization?

42:47     Dr. Durr argues that Data needs to fall under it’s own organization because it overlays so many different aspects of business, a Chief “Data or Digital” Officer.

47:30     Diversity and Inclusion in Data Science and business in general


You can reach Dr. Angel Durr at LinkedIn: