The Good Reverend Jim – Episode 15 Astrology Case Study

Warning! This is another four-person show. Things get hectic with that many people. This episode is an analysis in personalities based on two previously recorded shows.

The Good Reverend Jim and Ronnie did a show called “Religion” in Episode 11. The Good Reverend Jim and Elizabeth did one called “Sermon on the Mount” in Episode 14. The shows were based on the same outline. Neither Ronnie nor Elizabeth know very much about the topic. The shows should have been the same but came out very different.

This is a good case study of the Crazy Beginner signs and Geek End signs. It is also a good example of perfect and secondary compatibility. The show starts with an explanation of the different astrology categories. The Good Reverend Jim tries a different method that didn’t seem to go over very well. For a calmer explanation, you may want to listen to “Astrology Qualities Intro” in Episode 2.

This show is pretty hectic but there is a lesson in there. Regardless, it was a lot of fun to record! Jessica from joins in as an unbiased participant.