The Good Reverend Jim – Episode 14 Sermon on the Mount

Elizabeth came back again! Get use to her because she may be a regular on the show. This time it is just her and The Good Reverend Jim talking religion. Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount is the primary topic. This is the primary sermon where he defines virtuous behavior (being “Good”). You do not have to be Christian to get something out this sermon.

The Sermon on the Mount deals with the primary focus of this podcast: relationships. These are some of The Good Reverend Jim’s core beliefs on how we should treat each other. He tries very hard to follow them and has found they led to him being a happier person. This is setting the stage for the deeper discussion of DBT in future weeks.

In addition to the Sermon on the Mount, Elizabeth and The Good Reverend Jim discuss religion in general. They touch on Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and others. Many people do not research other religions at all. They judge them without even understanding what they believe. This podcast includes a brief introduction.