The Fight For 5G and the Real Threat to the US: Dependency on China For Innovation

What is America’s greatest national security threat? Our guest, (Ret) Brigadier General Robert Spalding shares his thoughts on the real threat to the United States: Increasing dependency and infiltration of the Chinese Communist Party into US technology and society, particularly around the 5G race. As devices are increasingly interconnected and social media has seeped its way into all aspect of Western society, General Spalding shares his dire warning that the US elites on both political spectrums are complicit in the dominance of the Chinese economy.

Intellectual Property, no matter how much we innovate, is up for theft. The fight for US supremacy, is at a critical mass and no technology in the future is safe if the US does not mitigate the already global Chinese influence in 5G deployment.

This is probably our heaviest episode, but the most relevant to all of our conversations on how we see the future of innovative emerging technologies and businesses.

If you’re interested in getting your own copy of General Spalding’s Book, ‘Stealth War: How China Took Over While America’s Elite Slept’, click here —>


Here is the official breakdown.

5:50 –  General Spalding’s career path, and how he went from studying agriculture to the service (and his inspiration may surprise you)

9:30 – How his journey took him from working on his Doctorate in the US (and almost being done with the Air Force) to China.

10:17 – The opportunity in China, and why he put in his name for it (The Homestead Scholar)

13:50 – The disclaimer about China

15:30 – The rumors that have been swirling about China for years now. We discuss the firewall of China, and how China is using it to their advantage in how they educate their citizens in addition to what stays out of China

22:20 – Understanding the Cybersecurity risk that we face because of China, and why you (yes, YOU) need to be careful with how you share your data and what you click

25:30 – Why startups need to be careful of the funding they take to build their companies

27:15 – Should the US consider building a 6th service branch that focuses on protecting the country on a Cybersecurity basis.

33:10 – Why we believe we’re not the problem, yet we’re very much helping with the problem.

35:00 – What you need to know about security and your phone (Samsung or Apple)

36:30 – Why you think you may have a choice in sharing your data with 4G, and why this is going to completely go out the door with the roll out with 5G

38:15 – Does GDPR really work and the details of why or why not

41:10 – Are we too far gone to undo what’s already been done

45:10 – The easy solutions that the United States can do to start investing in itself and making a difference

47:40 – As an ‘average’ person (i.e. not a corporation) what can we do to start making a difference

50:10 – What we need to know about what’s truly happening with the US government and China and what we need to be careful of when it comes