The Evolution and Enhancement of the Ride Sharing Experience

Many of us have embraced ride-sharing as a preferred mode of transportation, but we can also probably agree there’s room for improvement in the experience. Although you would define the ride-sharing companies as disruptors, it’s now time for disruption to happen to them.

Will Coleman saw an opportunity to improve this experience when he found that his wife wasn’t willing to participate in the ride-sharing world because of safety concerns. Plus he saw that ride-sharing wasn’t actually helping with the over congestion of roads, it was actually making it worse.

Although there were many who were hesitant when he first starting talking about his idea, in just a short time they saw his vision for an overall better experience and Alto was born.

Will shares his journey with us, along with what makes Alto so different from the other options in the ride-sharing community.

3:52 – Will tells the story of Alto, and how they differentiate themselves

4:40 – What opportunity they found in the ride-sharing industry, and how they felt they could make it better

5:32 – What was Will’s background, and what made him want to jump into the ride-sharing game

8:42 – What were some of the challenges when starting out, and what did Alto do to overcome those

12:10 – Why experience is such a crucial component for Alto

13:50 – How the employee model for Alto sets them apart

15:15 – With the gig economy disrupting employment, how has that shaped Alto’s ability to find great staff

17:35 – Digging deeper into the specific technology in the car, and how they use that to better the experience

21:15 – With all of the amazing technology they’re currently using, what is on the roadmap for their company

22:34 – Where is self driving on their roadmap, and what else are they looking into in order to be able to optimize not just the experience, but their services

26:08 – Does ride sharing actually add to the congestion problem or reduce it?

29:55 – What opportunities are there to work with the cities to help in the smart cities initiatives

31:58 – What are the plans of expansion in addition to the potential challenges of expanding to other markets

34:25 -Why proving a model in Dallas is crucial to other cities

37:30 – What’s Will philosophy on trying to find balance

41:32 – What is Will’s philosophy on culture for his company and how does he foster that?

43:10 – Does remote and work based performance encourage or discourage the right environment for employees

47:10 – What are the biggest needs of Alto currently?

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