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New Network Sponsor: Audible

One of the things we’re really proud of doing here at Podcast Detroit is helping shows mature, advance, and get ready for the next level.  One of the ways we do that is through helping them acquire sponsors for their shows, or in some cases, providing sponsors for the entire network.  When shows get their own sponsors – great! We help promote them and do what we can to help them out, and unlike some other locations, we don’t want a cut, or even need to get involved.  For things like network level sponsors, in most cases it simply means that every show on our network that does the read isn’t paying for studio time for the entire month, and in some cases… and this makes us really happy… we even get to cut them a check if their numbers are high enough.  It gives shows on our network experience doing live ad reads for large-name companies that they can then use to leverage getting sponsors on their own, by having examples and results to show.  In addition…

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