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Metro Detroit Podcaster Meetup 2: Electric Boogaloo

We had so much fun last time, it’s time to do it again!

Are you a podcaster in Metro Detroit? Come join us at Activ8 gaming in Ferndale, Michigan where we will be joined by other local podcasters looking to share their stories and experiences.

Any podcaster is welcome whether you record in a studio, your home, novice, pro, or haven’t even started yet and want to know how…

There is no cover charge, speakers, or agenda.

Tons of video games will be around to play as well.

Beer will be provided by Falling Down Beer, once that is gone, there is a cash bar. We may order pizza as well if there is enough demand. And yep, the new building and studios are done, so we’ll probably take a trip or two up the road to let people check them out if people want to.

Hope to see you there!

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Three Studios Are Fully Up And Running

We now have three studios up, running, and ready to deliver shows to you.  Think of it like you do local sports networks – there’s the main station (in our case, Studio 1), but sometimes there’s more than one thing running at the same time, and so there are other channels that the station owns and runs in order to make sure you can still get to everything that’s available.  In our case, the easiest way to listen to anything and everything going on is through our app (available on Android and iOS), but we also have web based players available here on the site.  And of course everything will always be available after the fact in syndication on places like Soundcloud, iTunes, or even here on the site), and we’ve got a whole bunch of new shows that have started recently and even more firing up in the coming weeks…and of course, with the new studios up and running, we’re ready for you to find your voice and start your own podcast as well…

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Studio 2 Is Live and Operational

It just got even more real.  Our second studio is up, live, and fully operational.

In fact, we’ve got two shows running simultaneously for the first time here at Podcast Detroit right now…

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First Week of Operations In The New Building Complete

One week into operations in the new building, and things are going pretty well.  We had a full roster of shows, as well as a new show make its debut, test things out in the first studio that went live, and we’re working towards having studios 2 and 3 up and running by the end of this week…

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Podcast Detroit Live at Motor City Comic Con 2016

Podcast Detroit Live at Motor City Comic Con 2016

Podcast Detroit Expansion Update: It’s Happening

Remember when we mentioned we were expanding operations?

It’s been a long time coming, it’s not how we originally planned for it to be, it’s not where we originally planned for it to be happening, but it’s finally happening.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that chaos and mayhem tend to follow us wherever we go, but we adapt, we shift, and we make things work…usually better than the original idea was in the first place, and that’s certainly the case here…

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New Shows Added, Improved Site Navigation, App Updated and Other Items

The Sunday Morning Linux Review and the Detroit Red Wings Alumni Association join our roster of shows this week, bringing our total up over 40 shows broadcasting now.  We’ve also improved our top site navigation to help make it easier for you to find the shows you’re interested in, as well as made some updates to our app available for android and iOS devices to make finding older episodes of shows easier, as well as some deals that you might be interested in…

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Coming Soon: Expansion, Increased Capacity, Band Capabilities and More

It’s hard to believe that we only launched in the middle of 2015 with the way things have gone so far.  From just starting with our own IT in the D show, and then adding a few more as friends starting asking to use the space, to absorbing an entire other network full of shows, to even more continued growth as we’ve now settled in at over 30 shows broadcasting and recording live from our studio…and even more via syndication…it’s been a hell of a ride so far.

It would be easy to sit back and coast, but that’s not our style in the least.  So that means it’s time to kick things up another notch or two as we move into 2016.  Plans have been kicked off for the first quarter of this year to see us nearly triple our studio recording capacity, provide a venue for bands to perform not only in-studio but also for fans if they should choose to do so, our green room area gets a major upgrade as our partnership with Activ8 Gaming Lounge gets even stronger…

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The Obligatory Year End Recap and Look Ahead Post from Podcast Detroit

Honestly, what can we really say that you don’t already know?

We launched in June with little fanfare after building out a studio for the IT in the D show, which led to some friends approaching us about broadcasting from our facilities, which led to us assimilating an entire other network, which led to even more insanity…and so now, here we sit with over 30 shows broadcasting live from our studio each and every week, a few in syndication like Ming and Mike from AMC’s Comic Book Men based on the relationships we’ve built with people, and now we look to 2016 with even more shows starting in the new year, and more great content on deck from our existing roster…

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