The Basics

We all have our reasons for wanting to dive into the world of Podcasting. Let’s dive into some reasons why you should start a podcast.

  1. Find your voice.

One of the hardest things in the world to do, besides hitting a 95mph curveball, is public speaking, it ranks up there with one of the top phobias. Now imagine simply talking in a small room, but it can get heard by the same group of people, if not more.

  1. Share your expertise.

Everyone is good at something, so why not share it with the World. Are you the leading expert on Q-Bert? Do you know more about Making a Murderer than anyone? Are you the biggest Star Wars geek on the planet? Do you LOVE beer? Then share it and find an entire community of those who want to learn from you and those who want to enlighten you.

  1. It’s euphoric.

Falling asleep after a late-night show is one of the hardest things in the World to do after a fun podcast. For us, it’s the fastest 2-hours of our lives. It is literally a rush, not knowing that thousands of people are listening, but that you are recording that part of your life to be put on the Internet forever.

  1. You can immortalize your bar conversations.

Can you imagine if you were able to tape some of those great bar conversations and arguments from when you were younger? Podcasting lets you do that. Want to listen to it years later? You can. Immortalize your Flash Gordon vs. Star Wars argument. Tape your “which craft beer is better” argument. Listen to your bad jokes months or years later.

  1. It’s not expensive.

We always figured the podcast to be bowling night. Why? Well, it cost a certain amount for 3 games, plus beer, pizza, then beer after. If you have a co-host, well, that just became a $20 per night plus beer and food. Not too bad considering the fun that is had.

  1. Audience engagement.

That first email, Tweet, etc. acknowledging something you said on a podcast is literally insane. Building a community revolving around a show is an art, but it is attainable. Most people worry about downloads for a podcast, but audience engagement is the key.

  1. You can literally talk to the Globe.

When we found out we were listened to in 41 countries, we almost fell over. But that’s the beauty of a podcast, you can literally be heard on any corner of the entire globe.

  1. You can build your personal brand.

Building your personal brand and your network are you two biggest assets professionally. What better way to build your brand than you telling your story yourself. Whether you are in wellness, or in entertainment, or IT, your podcast can be that vehicle to shape your brand.

  1. It’s an amazing conversation starter.

Whenever I say I am a podcaster, I get 20 questions. What I think is simple is fascinating to some people. Going back to the #8, your personal brand, you are remembered for doing a podcast and you will be amazed how many conversations you have turn into regular listeners of your show.

  1. It’s an insane amount of fun.

If it was work, there is no way we would be here right now. It’s fun. It’s a lot of fun. And to think it helps us professionally and doesn’t cost a lot?

So what does it cost?  $40/hour for weekly shows, $60/hour for any other cadence, which includes the studio time and the engineer.   For our downtown shipping container location, it’s $60/hour for weekly shows and $90/hour for any other cadence as that studio is being designed and targeted primarily for business clients who have much different needs than our other shows, which will continue to run out of our Royal Oak location.  We do recognize that there are some shows that need different levels of services and so we’ve come up with a few different tiers, just to be safe:

  • Regular: Our normal process.  You come in, you record, you walk away, and we take care of the rest.  We do our normal editing and normalization process, and syndicate your show out through our normal methods.  This is our $40/hour or $60/hour level that almost all of the shows that record with us fit.
  • White label: for those shows that want to use our facilities, but not necessarily be “a part of the network”.  Your content is not syndicated through our normal channels, and we’re simply a recording platform for you.  Rates start at $90/hour.
  • We also offer a full set of professional services, from advanced editing to consulting, even all the way out to building your own studio.

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