For Businesses

Like it or not, podcasting is part of the digital media world. Many people are doing it, but not many businesses. Why is that? For one is figuring out how. Well, we have that covered. But let’s get into some other reasons why your company should start a podcast.

  1. Cost

Did you really just spend $30,000 on that (magazine/newspaper) ad? Did you really just spend $10,000 on a month’s worth of radio spots? Well, producing podcast is a tiny fraction of that.

  1. Consumable

The podcast you produce can be listened to anytime, from any device. Morning car drive? Jogging? During dinner? Before bed? While doing spreadsheets? That’s the beauty of a podcast, your users can listen to your content on their terms anytime from anywhere. How beautiful is that?

  1. Sticky

Unlike other forms of media, your produced podcasts do not vanish. They are in the archives for as long as you wish. Want to bring up a topic from 6-months ago? Send the link. Since there isn’t any monthly costs to having your podcast out in the World, it can stay literally forever.

  1. Branding

Podcasting to us is simply another avenue to build and extend your brand. Keep doing what you are doing from a marketing and advertising standpoint, but look to the podcast to educate your consumer. Don’t treat it like an infomercial, but more a way to build loyalty.

  1. Engagement

What a better way to engage with your customer that to be able to have a one-to-many conversation with them that isn’t canned or a crummy commercial. Using social media as an extension of the podcast to engage on another level that you didn’t think was possible.

  1. Agility

Want to get your message out? It can literally be done in hours. Think about other forms of media, whether it is radio, video, print, etc. Podcasting by far is the shortest and quickest way to get your message out to the masses.

7.  Ease

For our business clients, we take care of everything with our “white glove” approach.  An engineer, basic editing of the show, normalizing all of the sound volumes so that everyone sounds their best, and then delivery of the file.  We create a feed so that your show is uniquely identifiable and can be found on iTunes and all of the other syndication points that we use.  You simply have to show up and we’ll take care of the rest.

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