Smart Sex, Smart Love – Episode 39 Amber Boone on Dating Rules for Realists, Not Romantics.

This week, Joe’s guest is host of the ‘Thirty, Flirty and Thriving’ Podcast, Amber Boone.
Last year, Amber, along with her business partner, hosted the first ever ‘9 to Thrive’ women’s empowerment conference in downtown Detroit. She is a frequent speaker at industry events and has a lot to say on the use of social media, especially dating apps and what real romance is like today. “Instead of looking to find the right partner, become the right partner yourself!” says Amber. “Your self-care comes first.”
Amber spills the beans about modern dating expectations and how to navigate them. Plus, we chat about the differences between dating in your 20s versus your 30s. Amber’s top dating tip? “Have a wise counsel around you – it really, really helps!”