Trey Lyon on Male Sexual Fluidity and Porn

Sometimes there’s just so much to say on a topic, that’s it’s hard to cram it all into one episode. That’s certainly the case with this week’s guest, sex-positive advocate, Trey Lyon. Founder of Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire – a leading-edge blog source for heteroflexible pornography, Trey’s amassed a quarter of a million followers on his journey towards the de-stigmatization of integrating pornography fully into one’s sexuality. Listen as Joe and Trey delve deeper into what fluid sexuality looks like, and how one can find a life of peaceful sexual self-acceptance, despite what society might balk at. They also chat about males who are heteroflexible and able to be sexual with other men. “Just because someone watches porn regularly, it doesn’t make them an ‘addict,’” says Trey.