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Listing of Podcast Detroit shows that record on Fridays in our studios

Liz Life Guru

Liz Life Guru is a podcast designed to help my listeners with mental health issues and problem solving. This is an action oriented show that helps the listener understand the dynamics of their issues. This is achieved through education, personal experience and science based evidence. That we can all understand.  Your host Liz Reed is…

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Vues Podcast

Vues is a Podcast with 10+ host and co-host that cycle out every other week. We will be covering everything from trending topics, sports, music, travel, lifestyle, fitness, and etc. Each of the different hosts specializes in different categories, from combat sports to science. The topics of discussion are extremely broad and diverse and there…

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Unsung Heroes

Unsung Heroes: Uncovering Stories of Inspiration and Action We all have stories. In this podast, we aim to showcase ordinary people driven by pivotal moments to do extraordinary things. From grassroots activism, serving others, building alliances and leadership. I hope to uncover the complexities of identity and life experiences that have inspired change in some…

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Talk Juicy

The show will consist of my 5 friends in which we all have public service background, and 1 is a licensed counselor.  The show will be about all relationship as in motherhood, work, and dealing with your significant other, and also  we will discuss trending topics, and invite special guest that are experts on these…

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