The Watch List

The Watch List

Hollie and Kasey deliver the latest in subterranean news-paranormal, metaphysical, government conspiracies, and late-night crazy talk. Incognito mode won’t save you from The Watch List.

Model, Hollie Ogden, is a highly intuitive Metro Detroit native. Her deep spirituality and hunger for the truth led her to host this show. She’s been drawn to the paranormal, conspiracies, and an alternate view of the world around her since childhood; feeling the need to explore and discover other realities. Fearless, she’ll gladly partake in forbidden fruit.

Kasey Pierce is the author of paranormal gore, “Pieces of Madness” and sci-fi comic series, “Norah”. Armed with a sadistic mind, stories of demonic encounters, and lots of coffee, her motto is: if it sounds like a conspiracy, it probably is.

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Reasons Why I’m Single – Episode 119 – You Should Be Watching Sister Act 2

Watch that movie after you listen to this week’s show! Staci gives great face, and Chelsie gets excited by a man’s Oxford comma.