The Good Reverend Jim

This show is all about trying to make the world a better place! It touches a little on religion and politics, but the primary focus is on relationships. Jesus tells us that we should love our neighbors and not judge others. This is easier said than done.

The Good Reverend Jim believes it is more easily accomplished once you understand yourself and others better. The primary focus of this podcast is personalities and how they interact with each other. There are several ways to categorize people’s’ personalities. The Good Reverend Jim primarily uses the Astrology categories. He will explain different ways to determine someone’s astrology, describe the personality, and how that personality interacts with other personalities.

Most shows will have a guest to keep the conversations fun and interesting. Visit for topics covered and web pages full of information. The web page is helpful to have available when listening but not necessary.

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The Good Reverend Jim – Episode 1 – Introduction and Astrology

This is the first studio recorded show by The Good Reverend Jim and his Crazy Friend Ronnie. The show is an introduction to Jim, Ronnie and Astrology. You will...