The Drawing Board

The Drawing Board is a powerful, thought-provoking discussion about family, relationships, ministry, community, and career that challenges the listener to examine their life and re imagine the possibilities.

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The Drawing Board – Episode 9 – Everything’s on Go

Are you a parked car at a green light? You have waited long enough, everything’s on go!

The Drawing Board – Episode 8 – Move

The shortest distance between your present circumstances and your dreams becoming a reality is encased in your current actions. It’s time to MOVE.

The Drawing Board – Episode 7 – No More

What exciting adventure, opportunities, and possibilities live on the other side of your fears? Stop. Think. Answer the question. Speak to your fear and declare today, NO MORE!

The Drawing Board – Episode 6 – Genius

You weren’t created to fit in. You were designed to standout. You were fashioned for something specific, a purpose that only you can do, the way you can do...

The Drawing Board – Episode 5 – Bigger

Do you have a vision for your future? Does that vision create tension between your past and your present? Don’t get frustrated or overwhelmed, remember the picture for your...

The Drawing Board – Episode 4 – Count the Cost

Whom have you given permission to influence your life? Who has access to your mind? Whose opinion do you value, and why? Where are you taking those that follow...

The Drawing Board – Episode 3 – Covered The Gift of Mentorship

Do you have a mentor? Are you seeking a mentor? If not, why not? Mentoring relationships are powerful, purposeful, and deeply meaningful.

The Drawing Board – Episode 2 – The 39th Opportunity

How long have you been battling with the same issues that are affecting every area of your life – your relationships, your confidence, your self-esteem, and most importantly you...