Teacher Talk Podcast

What happens when you mix Teachers, Drinks and Education related topics??? Teacher Talk Podcast! Join us for candid conversations and cocktails.

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Teacher Talk Podcast – Episode 4 Black Teachers Matter

Teacher Talk Podcast – Episode 4 Candid discussion about the lack of representation of black educators in eduction and administration and the impact it has on students

Teacher Talk Podcast – Episode 3 Public Schools vs. Everybody

Candid discussion about the pros and cons of Public , Private and Charter Schools.

Teacher Talk Podcast – Episode 2 – Evaluate Deez

Candid discussion about teacher evaluation. Personal anecdotes, recommendations and commentary on current evaluation tools in education.

Teacher Talk Podcast – Episode 1 – Shit I wish I would’ve known about teaching

Podcast Intro. Rationale. Candid discussion about knowledge that teachers wish they had known before entering the classroom.