Tales From the Barside

Tales From the Barside: Lauren and Remy are professional bartenders with tons of service industry experience, and even more crazy stories. They are passionate about their work and love sharing all the hilarious, wild stories that come with the territory. Grab your favorite adult beverage and tune in to hear about the fun, the funny, and the downright unbelievable lives of rockstar bartenders.

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What About Bob?

Dave joins Lauren and Remy to share stories about last man standing drunken investment meetings, and an impromptu intervention with a Nazi motorcycle club…Bob was inside, drinking, full of...

Biggest Bar Night of the Year

It’s amateur night!! How many vodka sodas can you make? Lauren and Remy chat about crazy busy bar nights, and drunk Jack stops by.

Tales From the Bar Side – Episode 4 Birthdays, Bargoyles, & Drunk Girl Orders

Why bartenders love working on their birthday, Lauren and Remy recently celebrated another trip around the sun. When she orders a “Tito’s and vodka” she’s probably had enough already....

Tales From the Bar Side – Episode 3 Bartending Is A Real Job!

We love bartending, and it’s a real job. A real hard job sometimes. The tips are great, but not guaranteed. We discuss the pros and cons of tips vs....

Tales From the Bar Side – Episode 2 Great Dive Bars

We love a good dive bar! Lauren and Remy share some of their favorites and talk about what makes a bar a dive in the first place, and what...

Tales From the Bar Side – Episode 1 First Times

Our first show!! This is all about first times. First kiss, first drink, first bartending job. Lauren and Remy share their favorite “first” stories