Tales From the Barside

Tales From the Barside: Lauren and Remy are professional bartenders with tons of service industry experience, and even more crazy stories. They are passionate about their work and love sharing all the hilarious, wild stories that come with the territory. Grab your favorite adult beverage and tune in to hear about the fun, the funny, and the downright unbelievable lives of rockstar bartenders.

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Tales From the Barside – Episode 15 Is It Festival Season Yet?

We love a random bartending gig! Remy and Lauren talk about festival and event jobs, holding out for the “right” place when you’re in between jobs, and shady business...

Tales From the Barside – Episode 14 Valentine’s Day Sucks, Day-Drinking Rules!

Remy and Lauren discuss what sucks about Valentine’s Day (everything) and what’s great about day-drinking (pace yourself) plus dating, relationships, poker parties and more. This is a good one!!

Tales From the Barside – Episode 13 Let’s Go to a Con with Ming Chen

Remy and Lauren sit down with Ming Chen and talk about all the fun at Astronomicon! What makes a good con (booze and karaoke sure help) which ones are...

Tales From the Barside – Episode 12 Super Bowl Sunday is a Terrible Shift (Usually)

Remy and Lauren talk Super Bowls, drunken human bowling, and make a pitch to get sponsored by a gym. Who will get in shape before bikini season?

Tales From the Barside – Episode 11 Karaoke Fun!

Jordan and Andy stop by and give us an inside look at hosting karaoke…We love karaoke, it’s how Lauren and Remy first bonded.

Tales From the Bar Side – The Slow Season

When the holidays are over and the money dries up, did you save enough from the busy season? Or is it time to think about becoming a cam girl?...

Tales From the Barside – Episode 8 A Sharp Dressed Man

Keeping it pure class on this episode, Joe Schubert (best dressed bartender in Detroit) shares the goods on dressing to the 9’s, corporate uniforms? No thanks! Dress codes, drinking,...

This One is All About Sex…and Drink Recipes

Lauren and Remy dish the dirt on hooking up in the industry, things you should never say to your bartender, and share some favorite cocktail recipes. And talk about...