Tales From the Barside

Tales From the Barside: Lauren and Remy are professional bartenders with tons of service industry experience, and even more crazy stories. They are passionate about their work and love sharing all the hilarious, wild stories that come with the territory. Grab your favorite adult beverage and tune in to hear about the fun, the funny, and the downright unbelievable lives of rockstar bartenders.

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Tales From the Barside – Episode 24 Mom & Pop vs Corporate

Remy and Lo are joined by Lyndz for a frank discussion about why we hate corporate restaurants.

Tales From the Barside – Episode 23 DJ Bob and the Post Bar

Bob recalls the glory days at one of the best dives in Detroit. The 90’s were a magical time.

Tales From the Barside – Episode 22 It’s a House Party!

Drunken human bowling, bumps and bruises, falling into the bonfire, and making a spectacle of yourself. We love a good house party.

Tales From the Barside – Episode 21 Let’s Go Camping

Ahh, the great outdoors. Camping trips, drunk on a river, Remy putting on a dress at the campfire…this one has everything a nature lover could ask for!

Tales From the Barside – Episode 20 There’s Some Hoes in This House

Sarah and Nicole from the Homance Chronicles podcast joins us from some social distancing fun! Bar fights, dating a bartender, and how the friendships we make in the industry...

Tales From the Barside – Episode 19 Laughter is the Best Medicine

Comedian Nate Arbruster joins “Quaranqueen” Lauren and Remy for a social distancing podcast on this episode. What are bars like from a stand up point of view? Getting kicked...

Tales From the Barside – Episode 17 Dram Shop Laws, Coronavirus, and Sex…Protect Yourself!

Lauren and Remy discuss some heavy topics that are affecting our industry, and then lighten it up with the usual fun stuff. Wash your hands!

Tales From the Barside – Episode 16 Whoopsidaisy!!!

Nicole from The Homance Chronicles podcast joins Lauren and Remy for some stories about bad choices while drinking. Don’t cut your own hair drunk on absinthe, or break up...