Tales From the Barside

Tales From the Barside: Lauren and Remy are professional bartenders with tons of service industry experience, and even more crazy stories. They are passionate about their work and love sharing all the hilarious, wild stories that come with the territory. Grab your favorite adult beverage and tune in to hear about the fun, the funny, and the downright unbelievable lives of rockstar bartenders.

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Krisi’s Coming to America 2 Pop-up

Our good pal Krisi is back to talk about her amazing movie night pop-up, and what it takes to throw a great event. We also chat about parenting and...

Tales From the Barside – Michael Fotias – The Production Man

Long time DJ, production specialist, and all around electronic whiz, Michael Fotias joins us for a chat about how he got his start in the entertainment business, electronic music...

Hangin with the Boys

Vince and Joey from the Boys Shooting Club podcast join us for some hilarious stories. We talk everything from juggalos and strip clubs to black face and slider joints....

Tales From the Barside – Work Friends are Family

Jessica joins us for a chat about friends who become family, and going back to places that welcome you with open arms.

Tales From the Barside – Episode 56 When Team Becomes Family

Jessica joins us for a chat about team players, work family, and embarrassing wet t-shirts. We miss working at a well oiled machine kinda place.

Tales From the Barside – Episode 55 Welcome Back Robbie

My good friend and old co-host Rob Zanni joins us for a chat about how much we miss our jobs, what we’ve been up to, and how to deal...

Tales From the Barside – Episode 54 Don’t Get it Twisted

We chat about the Twisted Tea hero, how much we miss bartending, how to make a bomb ass Sazerac, and much more!

Tales From the Barside – Episode 53 Christmas Cheers

Dave joins Remy and Lauren to chat about favorite holidays drinks, the 2 drink maximum rule at work parties (Don’t get fired on your day off!) and how this...

Tales From the Barside – Episode 52 Shutdowns and the Porno Crafting Side Hustle

Remy and Lauren talk about the lockdown extensions, how our industry is taking all the heat and getting no help. Lauren gets creative with her side hustle, making pornographic...