Shot of History

A podcast that gives you quick, potent shots of history that go down smooth.  Like history? Like listening to fun people drink while discussing it…from their own sometimes off the wall points of view? Well, then here’s a new show for you. Look for release dates coming shortly…

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Shot of History, Episode 154: “Ethical” Testing LIVE

Ashley takes on the historian duties this week to talk about scientific testing that is less than ethical. This is the final show recorded live for our 3 year...

Shot of History, Episode 153: Siberian Princess LIVE!

Melissa handles historian duties this week to talk about the forgotten Siberian Princess. Recorded live at Old Shillelagh in Detroit during our 3 year anniversary celebration.

Shot of History, Episode 152: OG Tank Girl Live!

Devin takes on the LIVE! historian duties this week to talk about the Russian OG Tank Girl who just wanted to kill Nazis, Mariya Oktyabrskaya.

Shot of History, Episode 151: Space Race Live!

While celebrating 3 years strong with our friends, Stef tackles the history of human space flight during the Cold War.

Shot of History, Episode 150: Cocktails

Jeannie takes on historian duties this week to tell us about cocktails and that we may not actually be drinking them when out on the town.

Shot of History, Episode 146: Making of the Bomb

Devin attempts to educate the crew this week on the evolution of nuclear sciences from the discovery of the neutron up through using it to kill lots of people...

Shot of History, Episode 149: Satanic Panic

Melissa tells use about the Satanic Panic this week.  

Shot of History, Episode 148: St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

On this week’s episode, we gain a new historian to lead the crew on a historical adventure in two parts! Ashley joins us as historian in part one to...

Shot of History, Episode 147: Castrati

Ellie talks about taking balls this week when she does her musical historian thing and talks about the castrati.