Shot of History

A podcast that gives you quick, potent shots of history that go down smooth.  Like history? Like listening to fun people drink while discussing it…from their own sometimes off the wall points of view? Well, then here’s a new show for you. Look for release dates coming shortly…

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Shot of History, Episode 136: Erotic Literature

Ellie talks about the hottest type of literature, erotic. She dives deep into the history of “pornographic” literature.

Shot of History, Episode 135: Dil-Do’s and Dil-Don’ts

On this week’s show, we try to fill a hole in your knowledge with the history of feminine stimulation aids. From personal stone fertility monument to thumpers that run...

Shot of History, Episode 134: Lisztomania

On this week’s episode, we talk about Franz Liszt and how he may have had more crazed fans than the Beatles did.

Shot of History, Episode 133: Very Superstitious

Melissa is the historian this week, and she covers the origins of the most well known superstitions.

Shot of History, Episode 132: This is Halloween

Devin takes on historian duties and tries to beat out the slow loss of his voice to talk about the history of Halloween.

Shot of History, Episode 131: Prohibition

Calvin takes on historian duties this week to talk about Prohibition in America.

Shot of History, Episode 130: Harald Bluetooth

This week we learn about the Viking king Harald Bluetooth.

Shot of History, Episode 129: White Death

This week we learn about Finnish sniper Simon Hayha, aka the White Death.

Shot of History, Episode 128: Rothschild Take 2

Shot of History, Episode 128: Rothschild Take 2