Shot of History

A podcast that gives you quick, potent shots of history that go down smooth.  Like history? Like listening to fun people drink while discussing it…from their own sometimes off the wall points of view? Well, then here’s a new show for you. Look for release dates coming shortly…

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Episode 185: Superhumans

Dave takes on the pseudo-historian duties this week to discuss “superhuman” abilities.

Episode 184: The Toledo War

Tony of Salty Language joins us this week to discuss the very petty Toledo War.

Episode 183: US Citizenship Test

Calvin is the main host this week and starts with exposing just how bad he is at picking honeymoon and anniversary destinations. He then turns the tables on the...

Episode 182: Religion of Thanksgiving

Calvin takes on the historian duties this week to tear down the institution that is Thanksgiving and the pseudo-religion that it has taken on in America. Happy Thanksgiving from...

Episode 181: Arctic Balloon Failure

Stefani takes on the historian duties this week to tell us about the doomed arctic balloon expedition.

Episode 180: Dwarves of Auschwitz

Ashley takes on the historian duties this week and breaks another seal for the end times of the show with The Dwarves of Auschwitz.

Episode 179: MKULTRA

Devin is the historian this week to open the book on the crazy CIA project MK ULTRA that brought LSD to the States.

Episode 178: Michigan Spooky Stories

Calvin does the heavy lifting this week with some weird and strange stories of Detroit.

Episode 177: Eloise Psychiatric Hospital

Stefani is the historian this week and she tells us all about the crazy history of the Eloise Psychiatric Hospital in Westland, MI.