Shot of History

A podcast that gives you quick, potent shots of history that go down smooth.  Like history? Like listening to fun people drink while discussing it…from their own sometimes off the wall points of view? Well, then here’s a new show for you. Look for release dates coming shortly…

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Shot of History, Episode 144: Historical Superfights Part 2

We continue the historical superfights this week!

Shot of History, Episode 143: Historical Superfights Part 1

For the new year, Calvin has the show divert a bit from the normal format to have a little fun with history and our historical knowledge. As part of...

Shot of History, Episode 142: Captain Morgan

Melissa takes on historian duties to teach us all about the history of Captain Morgan.

Shot of History, Episode 141: Gilles De Rais

Stef is the historian this week to discuss Gilles De Rais with Calvin, Dave, and Melissa.

Shot of History, Episode 140: Sarah Biffen

Ellie takes on historian duties this week to tell us all about the artist Sarah Biffen.

Shot of History, Episode 139: Great Race of 1908

Melissa takes on historian duties this week and tells us about the not so well thought out Great Race of 1908.

Shot of History, Episode 138: History Hot Shots

This week, Calvin leads the team down a rabbit hole of quick history facts.

Shot of History, Episode 137: The Missing Race Riots

Calvin schools use on the Tulsa and Rosewood race riots that were almost successfully erased from history.

Shot of History, Episode 136: Erotic Literature

Ellie talks about the hottest type of literature, erotic. She dives deep into the history of “pornographic” literature.