Reasons Why I’m Single

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Reasons Why I’m Single brings you Chelsie and Staci every week to discuss the ups and downs (hint: mostly “downs”) and whacky mayhem that ensues in the world of dating in today’s world.

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Reasons Why I’m Single – Episode 181 A Baby Moose?!

Chelsie and Staci welcomed back our guest, Stacey! As everyone is shopping for presents, we reminisce about the gifts of Christmas past.

Reasons Why I’m Single – Episode 180 My Other Car is a Jeep

The salacious ladies are joined by Sara, who tells a ghost story that gives them chills! Happy Thanksgiving! Send us a pic of your drunk drawer @RWISpodcast

Reasons Why I’m Single – Episode 179 PSA-ing Yourself

Staci has another friend also named Chelsea, and Chelsie is obviously not jealous. Chelsie went on a double date that had everyone in tears.

Reasons Why I’m Single – Episode 178 They Can’t All Be Winners

Staci goes to Chicago and runs into all the chocolate she could eat while Chelsie interrupts and Randy brings the facts. We’re now on Spotify!

Reasons Why I’m Single – Episode 177 ¿Por Qué Goose?

Chelsie plays trivia with a competitive date and Staci isn’t butt hurt, she’s butt curious. Check us out on Twitter @RWISpodcast

A Virgin Lit the Black Flame Candle!

Happy Halloween! We hope you enjoy this episode, maybe it’ll help distract you from the Trick Or Treating shenanigans! Tweet us your costumes @RWISpodcast

Reasons Why I’m Single – Damn It, Susan

Chelsie finalizes things with Tailored Suit, and the ladies take a stroll down high school’s Memory Lane.

Reasons Why I’m Single – Episode 173 Sexy Suitors

Chelsie got wined and dined on a Friday night, while Staci discovers new feelings for Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah