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Punk Wisdom – Episode 27 – Michigan State Mid-Term Proposals and Other Politics

Matt, Jessica, and Ruth talk about life, politics and the proposals on Michigan’s Midterm Election Ballot. Alison became a grandmother again, but the gang wished her well.

Punk Wisdom – Episode 26 – Sexual Assault, the Church, and Our Culture

Alison is back with a bang. Matt, Alison, and Ruth talk about sex, rape, assault, church, politics, and our cultures fucked up view on sex.

Punk Wisdom – Episode 25 – Life, Family, Politics, and Religion

Matt, Jess, and Ruth talk about life, politics, religion. And Ruth has a special announcement for her family

Punk Wisdom – Episode 23 – Matt & Jessica Talk Shit

Matt and Jessica talk, converse, hang out, Random stuff, Audible, and mattresses. Thanks to Audible for this show! To start your free 30-day trial and receive a free audiobook...

Punk Wisdom – Episode 22 – Attack of The Tiny Flies

Matt, Alison, and Jessica talk about random stuff, Audible, androgyny, maple syrup, tiny flies and Matt’s stupidity. Thanks to Audible for this show! To start your free 30-day trial...

Punk Wisdom – Episode 21 – Star Wars, Disney, Fans, Oh My

Discussion about Star Wars, their fans, Disney ownership, and where the franchise might go. Guest: Chris Rummel