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Punk Wisdom – Episode 35 – Look Who’s Coming Home for Dinner

Matt and Alison discuss being parents of teenage girls. When is an appropriate time for your teenager to get body/facial piercings and/or tattoos. Teens who date same sex and...

Punk Wisdom – Episode 34 – Don’t Sell, Gift It, It’s the Law

Matt, Alison, And Jessica, yes Jessica is back, They talk about different ways to get and give marijuana, a little politics, while drinking a little whiskey

Punk Wisdom – Episode 33 – What Happens When You Don’t Plan

Matt and Alison talk about, books, writing, career, work, politics, pot, and what the next episode’s topic will be.

Punk Wisdom – Episode 32 – A Marijuana Christmas

Matt and Alison talk about Christmas and marijuana, what could be more fun than that.

Punk Wisdom – Episode 31 – $1000 No Strings Attached

Matt, Alison, Jessica, and guest Josh, talk about jobs going the way of the dodo, because of AI and automation, also Universal Basic Income (UBI), and a little politics

Punk Wisdom – Episode 30 – Just Set It to Random

Matt. Alison, and Jessica talk random shit. Trying to stay lighter, they stick to pop culture, tattoos, Ruth’s birthday, and other random stuff.

Punk Wisdom – Episode 29 – The Gang is Back

Matt, Alison, and Jessica talk random shit, from politics, religion, to relationships, and a movie Matt thought was…ok.

Punk Wisdom – Episode 28 – Politics, Immigration, and Fundamentalism, ooh Boy!

Alison is back, and she and Matt talk about things, politics, immigration, fundamentalism, tattoos, and tickets.