On the Up and Up with B

It’s not chicken soup for the soul it’s more of a good burger with a cold drink. Armed with an array of good guests, but B always stays the same. we want everyone to talk and be open as if they’re in the basement or living room. With that being said be ready to leave all truths in the booth, all we ask is to keep it on the up and up.

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On the Up and Up with B – Episode 47 The industry night continues: 3TD

Tonight the squad sits down with the founders of 3TD and upcoming artist Jayona as we discuss her single unavailable. Which is available on all streaming platforms. We also...

On the Up and Up with B – Episode 46 The “In” in industry night

Tonight’s episode is featuring some of Detroit’s premier DJ’S as we discuss with them the highs lows and in between of there journies being mixers for the motor. Also...

On the Up and Up with B – Episode 45 Hat trick

On today’s episode the squad has ten random questions pulled out of a hat in no order, and answered by us. Nobody knows what’s on any of these so...

On the Up and Up with B – Episode 44 Decisions and opinions

The squad is back together after the all-star break, talking about Chaka Khan and the national anthem. We are also hitting on friendships being more important then romance.

On the Up and Up with B – Episode 43 What the Gayle/ two sides of the coin.

Today we discuss the interview with Gayle King and Lisa Leslie, as well as the integrity of journalism in Black culture.

On the Up and Up with B – Episode 42 Any given Sunday

Today we discuss the Superbowl, commercials, halftime performance. Also, powers series finale is this Sunday. Are people looking forward to the spin-offs

On the Up and Up with B – Episode 41 The black Mamba #8/24

Today we pay homage to one of the better athletic icons to ever play the game. Kobe Bryant passed away yesterday and the entire world is in shock. Through...

On the Up and Up with B – Episode 39 New year new decade.

We will kick off the new year tackling 2019 as well as the last decade. Highs, lows, and whatever is in store for 2020.