Nothing Important Podcast

Dave & Bryan are two idiots from Chicago who spend more time trying to make each other laugh than they should. A partnership that started in the late 90’s as a “Comedy, Rock, and Rap Band” (CRAP), has manifested as a podcast called Nothing Important. A show where Dave & Bryan share anecdotes, talk to fellow podcasters, entrepreneurs and interview people more famous than the two will ever be. With a growing audience and a great line up of guests, Nothing Important will continue to be released until the Duo becomes to lazy to continue.

Along with Nothing Important, Dave & Bryan have a rather successful podcast for AMC’s hit show Better Call Saul titled: It’s Saul Good, Man!. ISGM has grown to be the #1 Better Call Saul podcast earning tens of thousand of listeners, hundreds of thousands of down loads, and even special visits by cast members of Better Call Saul!

So enjoy Dave & Bryan’s own little slice of stupidity and thank you for reading Dave & Bryan’s attempt to write about themselves in the third person. Enjoy the typos.

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