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Mom Says – Episode 10 Off to college

Sending your teen off to college? How does that make you feel? What was the process like when applying for college?

Mom Says – Episode 9 Things you did as a teen and can teens get away with them now?

What did you do as a teen? Do you think our teens get away with too much?

Mom Says – Episode 8 Overscheduling Your Child

Does your child’s schedule keep you busy? Let’s talk!

Mom Says – Episode 7 What kids don’t want to hear from their parents

Learn what your kids are thinking when we are trying to talk to them.

Mom Says – Episode 6 Parent Wins and Fails

Sharing stories about the best parent wins and fails. We’re not perfect!!

Mom Says – Episode 5 Teen Slang.. It’s Lit

Teen slang – Learn the terms and you can be a hip parent!

Mom Says – Episode 4 How to go shopping with your teen and survive

Let’s talk about how we love to take teenagers shopping. Do you like to embarrass your kids? As moms, we know we are pretty damn hip!! Do you think...

Mom Says – Galentine’s Day – Episode 3

Do you celebrate Galentine’s?

Mom Says – Episode 2 Chores

Does child have household chores?