Liz Life Guru is a podcast designed to help our listeners with mental health issues and problem solving. This is an action oriented show that helps the listener understand the dynamics of their issues. This is achieved through education, personal experience and science based evidence. That we can all understand.

Your host Liz Reed is a licensed therapist. She has a long history of working in addiction and in the mental health field. Liz is also in recovery from alcohol for the past 16 years. Liz’s co-host and former patient is Julie. She is in recovery from her own mental health issues related to depression. Julie feels that the strategies we will be discussing on our podcast were instrumental in helping her regain her life.

We feel that there is a method to the madness, that a good laugh can cure many ills. We feel that there is hope for everyone with the proper support and guidance.  We will help you to create a journey through life that is your own, one that you enjoy, not one you have to white knuckle through. Life should be ever evolving and interesting. Don’t stay stuck, you’ll be able to relate to the many stories and descriptions of how mental illness and trauma shape who we are.

We are here to make sense of the senseless. We are problem solvers and also great cooks. Join us for a unique look at what’s bugging you. See you on the pod !

Namaste.. …

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Liz Life Guru – Episode 16 Crack Cocaine and the Country Club Life

Both I and guest Jules grew up in a prestigious area of MI, Grosse Pointe. Hard drugs aren’t limited to urban and rural areas. Jules will discuss her dive...

Liz Life Guru – Episode 14 Loving an Addict, to death

Guests Shannon and Neva will help explain the dynamics behind loving a person addicted to drugs and alcohol. This dysfunctional chaotic life will devastate and destroy families. Find your...

Liz Life Guru – Episode 13 Ending the Past

The past is what haunts all of us for various reasons. In trauma, regret and lost opportunities. Today show will help you let go and move on to a...

Liz Life Guru – Episode 12 Living with Borderline Personality Disorder

Bree, will open up about her ongoing struggle with BPD. Often thought to be incurable and the worst of the worst. Bree will shed light on life and hope...

Liz Life Guru – Episode 11 The Guru’s back Story

How did I get here? It was a long painful journey of anxiety, trauma, and alcoholism. I will open up about this ongoing life plan. Been there done that....

Liz Life Guru – Episode 10 Ketamine and depression

Ketamine, is this a cure for depression? We will look at this controversial drug and its use. Kendal will discuss her experiences with IV drip ketamine.

Liz Life Guru – Episode 9 Negative self talk

We have a language in our minds we feel we can’t control. Here’s how to retrain your mind to think positive .

Liz Life Guru – Episode 8 Chronic pain and suicide

People who suffer with chronic pain and use excessive amount of opiates can lead to suicidal ideation or suicide . Char will explain this dead end and hope !

Liz Life Guru – Episode 7 Toxic relationships

Toxic relationships include friends family as well as lovers. Join us as we explore these relationships and their meaning with some reasonable solutions