Kloset Konversationz

Kloset Konversationz is a podcast designed to air out and organize our klosets (aka our life). Our Konversationz include sliding into DMs, having sex on the first date to the benefits of co-parenting, entrepreneurship, embracing personal style, creating wealth, promoting a positive mindset, sexual and mental health awareness, comedy, and travel.

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Kloset Konversationz – Episode 3 – We have Influence Too

Host have invited local Detroit female musicians to talk about the female influence on music culture.

Kloset Konversationz – Episode 2 – Detroit’s Emerging Entrepreneurs

Hosts will sit down with a few emerging entrepreneurs, to learn about their business, the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and inspire listeners to start their own business.

Kloset Konversationz – Episode 1 – The Breakup… Aftermath

Hosts have invited Pretty Rizzi and Shavannahre (Two of Detroit’s finest nightlife hosts/ entrepreneurs/ actresses) to discuss their breakups and mastering their post relationship emotions.