Damsels in Detroit

Detroit women do it better. Join host Evann Webb every week as she talks to professional women from the city that are killing it in their industries.

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Damsels in Detroit – Episode 2 – Getting Real About Real Estate (feat. LeAnn Allan & Valyncia Page)

Evann sits down with millennial realtors LeAnn Allan (DOBI) AND Valyncia Page (Front Page Properties) to talk about their careers and home ownership. Both LeAnn and Valyncia are making...

Damsels in Detroit – Episode 1 – Meet #MuseumBae (feat. Asmaa Walton)

On the debut episode of “Damsels in Detroit,” Evann sits down with one of her besties, Asmaa Walton (also known as #MuseumBae), who was named as the Toledo Museum...