Can We Talk?

Can We Talk?

What happens when 3-4 gifted, unique and funny millennials get together and make a podcast? The best podcast in the world is birthed. Discussing current events and pop culture, “Can We Talk?” is a show concerned about connecting the dots between Detroit, the black community and the world around us. Through connection, comes understanding. Once in a while, we all have to sit down and ask ourselves…”Can We Talk?”

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Can We Talk – Episode 74 “Auntie” and Life in Sweden

Today, we discuss the sudden controversy against the term “Auntie” in the black community as well as discuss life in Sweden with Anthony’s guest cousin Johannah and her boyfriend...

Can We Talk – Episode 73 Subscriber World – Will Netflix survive?

Full house this episode. Anthony, Shana and new visitors, including OG Nicole, discuss if Netflix can survive in an over-saturated, subscriber world.

Can We Talk – Episode 72 Cinema Escapism in Trump Era

We discuss “Crawl” “Midsommar” and cinema escapism in the age of Trump.

Can We Talk – Episode 71 with Special Guest hip-hop artist C-zar Rae

Today, we discuss everything from reparations to the ups and downs of entrepreneurship with special guest hip-hop artist C-zar Rae.

Can We talk – Episode 70 Life Balance w/ guest Katherine Workman

We are discussing physical, emotional and mental balance with special guest Lifecoach/entrepreneur Katherine Workman. Also joining us for another time is Paige Alston.

Can We Talk – 69th Episode…Noice!

Calvin Moore and Paige Alston join us as we discuss a wide range of topics ranging from the Mueller Report to Brightburn