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Breaking Down the Ring is a weekly wrestling roundtable discussion. While mainly focused on WWE brand, the brands NJPW, ROH, TNA, and independent wrestling are discussed as well. Breaking Down the Ring airs live weekly at 9pm every Wednesday on Podcast Detroit in studio 1.
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Breaking Down the Ring – WWE Ratings – JR AEW – Bruiser Brody

The Ring Crew sit down to discuss the Money In The Bank build on Raw and Smackdown, why it’s failing, and why the ratings are plummeting. They also discuss...

Breaking Down the Ring – WrestleMania Recap – Kellie Rowe Joins

Breaking Down the Ring – WrestleMania Recap – Kellie Rowe Joins

Breaking Down the Ring – Vince Hates Black People – ROH 17th Anniversary – Ronda As A Heel

The narrative of Vince hating black wrestlers is strong right now with the Kofi Kingston situation and the Ring Crew begin the show on that topic before going into...

Breaking Down the Ring – Fastlane Fallout – Eddie Kingston – WWE Doing Too Much?

The Ring Crew discuss why Fastlane was a better show than a lot of people are giving it credit for. They also discuss whether or not the WWE is...

Breaking Down the Ring – Ciampa Injured – Fastlane Predictions – WWE Writing Rant

Ciampa suffered an untimely injury and will have to vacate the NXT Championship. Triple H cuts a heartfelt promo. Fastlane picks. Mikey rants hard on the Becky Lynch story...

Breaking Down the Ring – KofiMania – WWE Chamber Review – NXT Call Ups

Kofi Kingston has set the wrestling world on fire and the WWE are actually running with it. The Ring Crew break down his amazing performances throughout the week, Sasha...