Beat The Buzzer

Barbershop talk between 3 black friends fumbling thru young adult life. Sports to Trayvon Martin.

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Beat the Buzzer – Episode 25 Un-Healthy Man

The fellas learn about Men’s health month & discuss why black men dislike the doctor. We also mention how KT is really good with sports & remindds Cardo of...

Beat the Buzzer – Episode 24 Is That Your Man?

Today we dive into when is a good time to show off your greatest qualities to someone you are getting to know. Aladdin was a success and Mr Smith...

Beat the Buzzer – Episode 23 The Hoopla

NBA Finals are here & with Jam away the fellas talk freely. “When They See Us” brings back painful memories of the Central Park 5 and we have to...

Beat the Buzzer – Episode 22 I Too, am a Morehouse Man

Morehouse ‘19 grads are free of debt. Hallelujah. What are your Real Nigga dissertations. Lastly, black media matters more than anything for us

Beat The Buzzer – Episode 21

Beat The Buzzer – Episode 21

Beat The Buzzer – Episode 20

Beat The Buzzer – Episode 20

Beat The Buzzer – Episode 19 – The Hustle

Birthday Boy KT and Jam weren’t able to make it this week but Cardo along with guest Host Uni.Poppin and special guest Lex A.K.Az Blvck Dahlia y’all about what...

Beat The Buzzer – Episode 18 – Trick, Trick, Trick

Have you ever “tricked off” on someone? Ever been tricked on? We discuss the going rate and how we would do it. Plus some March Madness talk from the...

Beat The Buzzer – Episode 17 – Spring Breakers

This week KT fires his co-host and brings on 2 newcomers to talk about soring break “do’s” & “dont’s”. Also, would you elope in a foreign land?