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3 Raw – Episode 10 – 10 Raw: Let’s Celebrate!

This episode marks our 10th episode of our podcast! The crew discusses a wide variety of topics in regards to Lebron’s new school, politics, Facebook drama, our favorite R&B...

3 Raw – Episode 9 – Self Love

We’re back from a short hiatus to catch you up on Lebron’s move to LA. Also, we’re discussing women’s self esteem and a mans ego and more on 3...

3 Raw – Episode 8 – Pineapples

The gang is discussing the death of XXXtentacion and the OG’s of the rap game. Also, the baby daddy Father’s Day card controversy and do pineapples belong on pizza?

3 Raw – Episode 7 – Drake vs Pusha

We’re back from a short hiatus to discuss the rap beef between Drake and Pusha T. NBA Finals and our predictions.

3 Raw – Episode 6 – This is America?!

The trio is back another discussing Childish Gambino’s “This is America” video and interracial relationships, predictions of the NBA Playoffs and our rants.

3 Raw – Episode 5

3 Raw – Episode 5

3 Raw – Episode 4 – Beyhive & Bullsh*t

Gimmy & Rob discussing Beyonce’, Tristian Thompson fiasco, open relationships, and the NBA playoffs.

3 Raw – Episode 3 – Love & Marriageeeeeee

In this episode, we have married couple Donovan & Joycelyn Douglas on the podcast with us discussing Joycelyn’s new book, “30 Days Till Married”. Other topics include the current...

3 Raw – Episode 2 – Happy Birthday Rob

In this episode, the gang is celebrating Rob’s 30th Birthday. Other topics include Facebook shenanigans with CJ, new music, gang affliction, and rappers.