Record Your Podcast For Free During Michigan Comic Con

We’ll be live at Michigan Comic Con with our eight mic setup, and you can come record an episode of your show live.  Just like we do with Free Podcast Day, we want you to be able to use our gear, check things out, and see how things work… all completely free of charge.

Simply pick a day – Friday, Saturday, or Sunday – and then an available timeslot, and wait to get your confirmation back.  Then come meet us at booths 355 and 454 (they’re joined), and then come record your show!  Obviously, you have to be an attendee already…we can’t very well get you into the convention for free.

But you were already planning on going anyway, right?  Right.

We’ll take it from there – we’ll put it through our normal editing and normalization processes, and even release it out through our usual distribution and syndication points.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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