Podcast Spotlight: The Nooner Show

The Nooner Show

Wednesdays, Noon to 1:00 p.m.

Having a hard time getting over the hump? Need a little zest in your day? It’s Nooner Time – take a break!

Join writer and business-owner Jackie Wallace and award winning author Denise Brennan-Nelson for a fun and upbeat hour of talk radio. Their show features a variety of special guests – musicians, authors, entrepreneurs, dreamers, and doers for their trademark segment: What’s the Wish? What’s the Way? What’s in the Way?

Jackie and Denise bring you inspiring stories from talented and gutsy individuals who have taken a leap of faith and pursued their dreams. How did they break through? What does it take? What is it like to live your dream? What obstacle and hurdles did they have to overcome? 10620605_1715032412119694_5715492610571881277_n

Lively conversations that stay on the “sunny side of the street” will get you over the hump and bring a smile to your face.  And thought- provoking questions (and answers!) will encourage you to examine your own dreams and desires and look for ways to make them happen.

With sass, class and even a little smart-ass, The Nooner Show will get you over the hump.

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