Podcast Detroit Week 4: The Recap

Podcast Detroit Week 4: The Recap

A few more shows go live, we bring someone in to help us with the boards so that Dave doesn’t completely lose his freaking mind, and all sorts of other whacky mayhem as things start to ramp up around Podcast Detroit…

IT in the D: Episode 104 – Episode 104 is in the history books, and we had a pretty decent set of conversations with our guests for the night about everything from secure storage, cloud vs local hosting, the information technology job market here in the metro Detroit area and this weekend’s Windsor Comic Con happening across the river that you might want to check out…

Motown Mojo Live: Episode 2 – Motown Mojo Live returns for their second episode with another great show and phenomenal guests Jocaine and model Holly Ogden

The Undercard: Hand Combat Radio – Episode 152:

The Undercard returns for episode 152 to talk MMA, boxing, wrestling and more.

The Nooner Show Debuts – The Nooner Show debuts on Podcast Detroit.

The Mayhem Radio Show debuts on Podcast Detroit: Mayhem Radio makes their Podcast Detroit debut with some in-studio music guests, a whole lot of talking, dishing, dirt and more.

The Gooder Guys Episode 4: The Dirty Show and More – The Good-er Guys return for their 4th episode, talking with the creators of the Dirty Show about their event, the local art scene, that giant Crisco container in front of the fist downtown and more.

425698_2643018244354_1570233071_nAnd last but not least, this is Jess, our new board op / sound engineer / learner of things / person who’s much better looking than Dave / She Who Is Helping Keep Dave Sane.

You’ll see her around the studio and hear her on shows from time to time.

She had a blast on her first day getting The Nooner Show and Mayhem Radio up and running, and didn’t even yell too much when she figured out that there were a few things left out of the board operations manual she was given…

Starting Sunday, we’ve got a whole bunch more shows going live.  We’ve got a full lineup Sunday through Friday from at least 7pm to 11pm, with a few other shows sprinkled at random times throughout the week.  Listen live, call in, and have fun with us as we figure all of this nonsense out together…


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August 13th, 2015

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