Podcast Detroit Week 3: The Recap

Podcast Detroit Week 3: The Recap

An open house for a whole bunch of new shows, four shows live, and gearing up for the insanity to hit.  That sums up this week pretty nicely…

We had an open house for a whole bunch of new shows coming on board Monday night, along with:

The debut episode of Motown Mojo Live hosted by Dom Riggio and Kevin Davis, featured model Brooke Hayes, Tino Gross of the Howling Diablos and Funky D Records, and artist Tony Miello.

Episode 103 of the IT in the D show: episode 103 of our live weekly podcast was a lot of fun.  With our guests from The Darton Group as well as VoxVii / The Rack Show, we had no shortage of laughter, fun, and even some interesting viewpoints on the metro Detroit information technology scene, the local employment market, what people might want/need to do a little more of during their job search and more.  More importantly, we managed to pull off our show even though we’d had a Podcast Detroit open house for several hours leading up to it…

Episode 151 of The Undercard Show: Hand Combat Radio – The Dating Game Edition hit the air with an hilarious rendition of The Dating Game to try and help one of our floundering co-hosts get a date. Listen!

Episode 3 of The Good-er Guys Show went off in style with Tony Miello and Jeremy Hansen…

Podcast Detroit

August 7th, 2015

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