Podcast Detroit Expands, Opens Studio Downtown


New capacity and studio capabilities created to streamline working with downtown Detroit businesses

2013-07-20_15-00-18_0457-wta-5dm3-2-2Detroit, MI, October 29, 2016– Podcast Detroit is opening a new studio in the Penobscot Building in downtown Detroit in order to better serve business clients downtown and in the immediate surrounding area.  The new studio will offer the same great service as the Royal Oak location, and is being located in the historic Penobscot Building to meet client demand.

“Ever since we left downtown in May of 2015 with our first dedicated studio, it has always been our intention to get back downtown as soon as possible.” – Bob Waltenspiel, Partner

“Multiple businesses have wanted to use our services, but were reluctant about dedicating the time during the day to head to our Royal Oak location.  This move eliminates that concern, and adds additional services we can offer our corporate clients.” – David Phillips, Partner

This new downtown facility will have a live broadcast stream that integrates with and will be available through the existing Podcast Detroit app (available for iOS and Android) and website, as well as being able to offer videography, custom sound work, photo shoots, voiceover recordings and more through both Podcast Detroit capabilities and co-located partners.

“Savvy Digital Productions is excited to have the professional and proven capabilities of Podcast Detroit to be able to offer our customers, and we look forward to working together to provide custom solutions to meet both of our clients’ needs.” – Scott Sabellico, Savvy Digital Productions

Podcast Detroit thrives on delivering entertaining programming, producing new podcasts, syndicating existing shows, and becoming an outlet for corporations to reach their target markets delivering easily consumable content.

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Podcast Detroit via email at contact@podcastdetroit.com.